A bit of poetry I wrote to express my feelings about my homeland – Iraq, following recent attacks in Baghdad.

Our prayers are with the families of the victims of the Karada bombing. This crisis has given Iraqis all around the world the opportunity to unite, and fight against terrorism together. This piece is called homeland.



A tale of two lovers unfolds underneath the starry skies

It’s beginning is perched within a palm tree’s eyes.

A stranger was wondering in a stranger’s land

Lost and alone, he asked the trees and sand

“Where is this land of hope that I have come to find?

They say it cradles every child of mankind

It’s majesty so high, the clouds tremble and cry

And it’s beauty bewitches men, as the aster bewitches the butterfly.”

The trees and sand laughed and said

“Master, your eyes are blind to this land

‘Tis only through the sight of your heart that you may find

The land that flirts with many but loves very few.”

And so he travelled for 40 days and 40 nights

Until stumbling upon the river banks

He asked the river “who are you?”

The river replied “I am the Tigris who nurtures the people of the East

My sister – the Euphrates – nurtures the people of the West

Together we guide the suitors of the land to the south

For it is here where you will find what you seek.”

And so the stranger travelled through a stranger’s land, weeping with every step he took

Until halting where the two siblings met, finding nothing but barren land

A brush of wind took his sanity and he cried out to the sky

“My lord why have you forsaken me?

I am merely a lonely stranger searching for my homeland”


He slept with his eyes open until the starless midnight took his sight

A sweet rosy breath rested on his neck

And a hand stroked his heart

A voice whispered in his ear “did I not tell you only the heart can see me”

Apprehensively, the man opened the curtains of his heart

And saw everything he was blind to.

He saw the land of hope in all it’s grandeur, glory and greatness

He saw it’s beauty, sublimity and eminence.

He shouted “who are you?!”

A voice roared – “I am Iraq the great. I am the parent of the orphan

And I am the clothing of the poor

I am the home of the homeless and the lover of the lonely

I give my people hope when there is none

I give them a family when they don’t have one

I give them the fruits of life so they may live

I give them a crisis so they may unite

Yet you asked me who I am?

I am your homeland oh stranger!

I take a thing and give you something better

I took your sight and gave you the world

And still you complain to the Lord?”

The stranger smiled and said

“I will never complain again because you, oh Iraq,

You are the only thing that makes life worth living”


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