To speak the truth

“Plunge into the depths until you reach the truth.” – Ali Ibn AbiTalib

A few days ago, somebody asked me how it is that I am able to wake up everyday motivated and determined to pursue my hopes, dreams and ambitions. Perhaps I have a counsellor, a special app or a favourite inspirational video. How can it be that everyday I am able to inspire others and make my mark on the world in any way, shape or form? The honest truth is: I don’t. Waking up everyday is probably the hardest thing I do because my bed is my solitude and safe haven. Yet everyday, I lie in bed for a few minutes and take the time to be thankful that I am here to live another day. Some people go to sleep and never wake up but for all these years I have lived, I have been given a new chance every single day to do something good for the world. A chance to be happy and share that happiness. And that in itself gives me all the motivation I need.

God has let me live another day because He sees potential in me and He believes in me. We aren’t just creation that live without purpose or meaning. Our purpose is to make the World – God’s little paradise on Earth –  a better place for everyone. Our purpose is to eradicate hunger, stop murder and hate, to preserve our planet and to promote equality and respect for all. The mere fact that you are reading this right now shows that God sees potential in you too. He wants you to live a little longer so that you may prove that part of God and His characteristics live with you, and in you. So practice love, mercy, compassion, selflessness, justice, forgiveness and all the attributes bestowed on us by the Most High. After all, He did breathe into us part of his spirit. If that doesn’t inspire you to do good, then I don’t know what will.

So my message is for everyone to start a chain reaction of changes in themselves, their families, their friends and their world. You don’t need a New Year or a new month to break habits and create new ones. Motivate yourself to change from within and to make your mark on the world through art, music, literature, sports, public speaking and whatever means that you have been blessed through. Change mind sets, educate the young and the old, encourage love and stop hate but most importantly – always speak the truth. Speak about the truths in our world today that politicians and celebrities tend to avoid. Speak about the migrant crisis, terrorism, global warming, racism, xenophobia, feminism. Whatever you’re passionate about, always speak the truth about it because the truth is the only thing that can liberate the oppressed.

We have all the means of change today through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr and even the simple email.  So motivate yourself to pursue your own dreams but don’t forget to help the world a little too. There are 7 billion of us living on a tiny sphere of earth and water next to a ball of fire, in a cosmos that it way bigger than our imagination can conceive. Some people didn’t wake up today, but you did.

Change starts within. Change starts with you.


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